How Many Scams Happen in the UK?

Scams are becoming an increasingly serious problem in the UK, with millions of people falling victim to these fraudulent schemes every year. In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at the number of scams that are happening in the UK and what you can do to protect yourself.


The figures

Research from the UK government says there were over 3 million reported cases of scams in the UK in 2021, making the government concerned with this figure due to it’s steep climb from the previous years. We can find out which age demographic is subject to scams the most through a study by Age UK, which found that 12% of people over the age over 65 have been subject to fraud. In the UK a person over the age of 65 is scammed every 40 seconds.

Picture of a credit card next to a laptop screen

The most common type of scam in the UK is investment fraud, which includes Ponzi schemes (a scheme where a company uses investment to pay off other investors), binary options scams, and other fraudulent investment opportunities. More every day scams that people in the UK are likely to be victim of are; shopping scams, lottery scams, and fake charities.

It should be no surprise that we have seen an increase in scams as technology has developed. The people who take advantage of others through scams have been given a greater platform than ever before with social media. Some scammers may try to become friends with an individual just so that they are able to become more trusted, then betray them later on by taking advantage of them.

The UK government is working to raise awareness about scams and to help protect people from falling victim to these fraudulent schemes. This includes initiatives like the Scam Awareness Month, which is held every July and is aimed at educating people about the most common scams and how to avoid them.

Helpful Contact Information

In conclusion, scams are a growing problem in the UK, with millions of people falling victim to these fraudulent schemes every year. It’s important to be vigilant and to always think twice before making any investment decisions or giving out personal information. If you suspect that you have been the victim of a scam, you should report it to the relevant authorities as soon as possible.

If you are a resident in the UK and think you have been sent a phishing email then please forward it to

The same applies if it is via a text message, text 7726 for free

If you feel like you may have lost money or been victim to fraud or scams then please callĀ 0300 123 2040

For more information please go to Avoid and report internet scams and phishing: Report internet scams and phishing – GOV.UK (