Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use BLOKK?

Phishing and scam sites can be difficult to spot. BLOKK protects you from clicking on links that would risk giving hackers access to your finances and personal information.

Most of your apps are leaking data to tracking companies. Many trackers build a profile of you and sell this data. BLOKK informs you which apps are leaking data and helps keep your online activity private.

How do I get started?

To get started, download the BLOKK app from the Google Play or App Store and turn it on. It’s that simple!

How does BLOKK work?

BLOKK uses VPN technology on your phone to prevent apps and websites from sending data to over 420,000 domains by blocking the DNS requests.

Why does BLOKK require a VPN connection?

BLOKK does not operate as a traditional VPN, however BLOKK does leverage this technology to filter your network activity on your phone only. Your IP address is not changed or hidden from your service provider in the same way as a traditional VPN would; however traditional VPNs do not typically protect you from all the risks that BLOKK does (phishing, scams, digital fingerprinting, or trackers).

Having an issue with an app or website?

Some apps and websites don’t like their tracking being blocked by our tracker blocker. This can cause a small number of apps or websites to look or function differently.

If you experience an issue with an app or website, simply turn off BLOKK for that app (Android only) or pause BLOKK for a short time whilst accessing the affected website or app.

We are always working to improve BLOKK and it’s compatibility with apps and websites.

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