Andrew D

“Perfect, exactly what I was looking for! I wanted an app that would allow me to not have to use a special browser but would still block trackers, even across other apps. BLOKK does all that and more with no fuss, no gimmicks, and no ads. Top tier software with great clarity. Great work! EDIT: had an issue with local printing with BLOKK. Emailed customer support and within a week and a half, a solution was developed, tested, and pushed to the store. Amazing support!”

Harrison Giana

“Intuitive and just perfect. I've tried many apps and only this one truly does the job. Thank you so much”


“This is an amazing app, I've used several VPNs to circumvent these issues, however I always have a problem when using apps across multiple devices or sharing accounts with other people. BLOKK completely eradicates this problem. Still not as good as many VPN's but still the next best thing in blocking trackers and other scams. I'm very happy with BLOKK. A very good free app, which actually works. Unlike some other scams out there.”


“Everything works as intended. No ads, no scammy devs and so far never had it crashed. Perfection, just perfect.”

Christopher Peraliz

“App does what it says😀👍👍 Very easy to use, app is highly recommend!!! Please keep updating the app regularly, to fix bugs or to introduce new features. Keep up the good work!!!!!”

Gage Lola

“Works very well and does the job as intended. Very easy to use interface.”

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