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Accept VPN connection for BLOKK

Why do I have to accept a VPN connection requested by BLOKK?


When you install BLOKK and open the app for the first time, you will be asked to allow BLOKK permission to connect with the VPN connection of your device.

Allowing this connection is needed for BLOKK to perform its services.


Although BLOKK does not operate as a traditional VPN, BLOKK does leverage this technology to filter your network activity on your phone. BLOKK uses the VPN technology on your device to prevent apps and websites from sending data to over 420,000 domains by blocking the DNS requests.

Please note that, although a VPN connection is used to do this, your IP address is not changed or hidden from your service provider.


If you don’t allow BLOKK to connect with the VPN connection of your device, you won’t be able to switch BLOKK on.

VPN connection issues

I accepted the VPN connection for BLOKK, but it still does not work?


BLOKK uses VPN technology to perform its services.

You might have other apps installed that use your devices VPN connection such as an Ad blocker or VPN.


Quickest way to check if other applications have permission to access your VPN is through following steps:


  • Go to ‘Settings’ on your device
  • Search in ‘Settings’ for ‘VPN’
  • Select ‘VPN’


Here you’ll see ‘VPN’ and where it’s connected to.

When selecting this, it will show you all available VPN selections.


Android only allows 1 VPN connection at a time so this might be causing a conflict.


To make sure this is the reason you are encountering issues, ‘disconnect’ any other app in the list (besides BLOKK) from the VPN settings (From the screen where you see all connections, select the settings icon and select Delete/ Forget VPN profile).


If the issue still occurs, contact our support team through